Dredging sol utions Simply smart dredging
Dredging solutions Simply smart dredging

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The amphibious multi-purpose dredging solution - One Dredging Machine

The amphibious multi-purpose Watermaster concept is a smart choice for all environmental shallow water projects, such as: flood prevention, restoring shallow waterways and shores, vegetation and trash removal, cleaning urban canals, removing polluted sediments, maintaining industrial ponds and water construction projects.


Watermaster’s smart operating principle enables very accurate and efficient environmental dredging - the right amount from the right place.


Watermaster has dedicated attachments for different applications – always the right tool for the job.


Watermaster’s multi-purpose functions and unique mobility minimize the needed machinery at the site and thus minimize the strain on the environment and keeping it efficient.


Watermaster is one machine that can efficiently complete all your shallow water work.


Watermaster is build for heavy duty multi-purpose operation, it has a variety of attachments enabling a wide variety of applications.


The change between working modes takes about 30 minutes.


The amphibious multi-purpose Watermaster does suction dredging, backhoe dredging, raking, piling and has the ability to use also other hydraulic attachments, such as a hydraulic hammer for under water work.


Our dredging machines make light work of slurry, mud, sediment, vegetation and rubbish in a variety of areas like harbours, canals, reservoirs, rivers and dams.


Watermaster VS Pontoon Excavators

Watermaster dredger reach
Pontoon reach

Watermaster uses over 96% of total operation time for productive work and less than 4% for repositioning the machine.


A non-flexible stiff suction pipe dredger covers only a narrow area and must constantly be repositioned, more labour intensive.

Watermaster dredging method
Conventional dredging method

By utilizing the Watermaster concept only one versatile

machine is needed for various tasks in mining ponds.


Using conventional methods several machines are needed for

different work areas and tasks in mining ponds.